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The Snauwaert backpack is a great ergonomic bag. The bag consists of two compartments one ideal for two rackets, the other can contain your shoes, tennis balls, towel, …. On both sides of the bag are two extra pockets, one of them is provided with isolation material ideal to store your sport drin...


Bag 2 PK

The Snauwaert two pack is a handy bag which can contain two rackets. This bag is a must for recreational players. Besides two rackets you can also store your wallet, smartphone and keys in a separate pocket. There is even a separate compartment for your towel and tennis balls. Material: 100% poly...


Bag 6 PK

The Snauwaert 6 PK bag is an innovative standing bag witch can contain six rackets. We provided separate pockets for keys, drinks, shoes, cloths, smartphones or other accessories in the middle part of the bag. The bag gives a lot of comfort, because of the horizontal posture the bag is positioned...


Duffel Bag

The Snauwaert duffel bag had a cylindrical shape. This bag is ideal to store your cloths or tennis balls. It has a space were you can put your wet clothes separated. Material: 100% polyester; The cloth consist of a squared pattern with a special mesh finish creating the ideal Snauwaert look and f...


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