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Grinta 100

For creative allcourters

The GRINTA 100 is “the bionic extension of a players’ arm” for baseline strikers with a balanced defending and attacking play.
This 100 inch drop shaped bionic frame offers the ultimate all-round mix of control, power and spin. The specifically designed 16x18 string pattern offers exceptional  stability and accuracy on off-center hits resulting in powerful controllable strokesThe patented SGT-spin grommets extends the spin-spot  generating  unrivaled spin in your play.
Available in two weight and balance combinations (305g and 285g), for players seeking ultimate all round performance.

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    • Grip
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    • Strings
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      {"id":15942682563,"title":"2 \/ White Beam","option1":"2","option2":"White Beam","option3":null,"sku":"8T0046922|3S0126B32|3S0126B32","requires_shipping":true,"taxable":true,"featured_image":null,"available":false,"name":"Grinta 100 | Light - 285g - 2 \/ White Beam","public_title":"2 \/ White Beam","options":["2","White Beam"],"price":21000,"weight":0,"compare_at_price":null,"inventory_quantity":0,"inventory_management":"essers-fs","inventory_policy":"deny","barcode":null}
      {"id":15942682627,"title":"2 \/ Sunny Core","option1":"2","option2":"Sunny Core","option3":null,"sku":"8T0046922|3S0156B98|3S0156B98","requires_shipping":true,"taxable":true,"featured_image":null,"available":false,"name":"Grinta 100 | Light - 285g - 2 \/ Sunny Core","public_title":"2 \/ Sunny Core","options":["2","Sunny Core"],"price":21000,"weight":0,"compare_at_price":null,"inventory_quantity":0,"inventory_management":"essers-fs","inventory_policy":"deny","barcode":null}
      {"id":15942682435,"title":"2 \/ Black Beam | 1.25","option1":"2","option2":"Black Beam | 1.25","option3":null,"sku":"8T0046922|3S0086B12|3S0086B12","requires_shipping":true,"taxable":true,"featured_image":null,"available":false,"name":"Grinta 100 | Light - 285g - 2 \/ Black Beam | 1.25","public_title":"2 \/ Black Beam | 1.25","options":["2","Black Beam | 1.25"],"price":21000,"weight":0,"compare_at_price":null,"inventory_quantity":0,"inventory_management":"essers-fs","inventory_policy":"deny","barcode":null}
      {"id":15942682499,"title":"2 \/ Black Beam | 1.35","option1":"2","option2":"Black Beam | 1.35","option3":null,"sku":"8T0046922|3S0096B12|3S0096B12","requires_shipping":true,"taxable":true,"featured_image":null,"available":false,"name":"Grinta 100 | Light - 285g - 2 \/ Black Beam | 1.35","public_title":"2 \/ Black Beam | 1.35","options":["2","Black Beam | 1.35"],"price":21000,"weight":0,"compare_at_price":null,"inventory_quantity":0,"inventory_management":"essers-fs","inventory_policy":"deny","barcode":null}
    • String tension
    • Power 7

    • Spin 8

    • Control 8

    • Feeling * 7

      * damped / lively

    Regular price €190

    & get a free towel + a can of premium Snauwaert balls


    Squared Grommet Technology

    Tennis is an energy game. If the frames limits the string movement, part of the energy generated hitting the ball is absorbed by the frame into frame vibration, resulting in less ball velocity and spin. SSG has a unique squared and tapered shape in the inner cavity of the grommet barrel, designed to maximize the string freedom at 360°, in particular diagonally.

    Differently from existing single dimension extended holes, the quared shape used for specific strings maximizes the string movement along the diagonal of a hole compared to the one of a round hole having the diameter equal to the side length of the squared.

    The squared grommets have been used at 3/9 in the GRINTA frames to enhance the control and at 6/12 on the VITAS frames to enhance the power.

    Bionic Frame: bone-like cross section design

    Leonardo de Vinci invented his flying machines watching birds and dragonflies. Similarly, we took inspiration from nature to define the most efficient cross section ever used on a tennis racquet.

    Bone is a complex structure built with composite material. This type of construction is the result of hundreds of million years of evolution and is optimized to withstand a remarkable combination of forces and torques.

    SNAUWAERTECH BIONIC cross section adopts the bone-like design and is accurately shaped according to the frame local loads, always protruding towards the convex side of the frame and offering a higher resistance to bending and twisting forces. In the frame head the bulkier part of the section faces towards the string bed area, in particular at 3/9 o’clock, increasing the lateral stiffness and offering a better ball control. In the flex point (5/7 o’clock) the section is symmetrical to better resist to the torsion. BIONIC is the cross section design of both GRINTA and VITAS frames.

    Control Raising Drop shaped frame

    Used for the GRINTA racquets, the Snauwaert interpretation of the traditional round head shape offers an enlarged 3/9 area which provides a larger area for optimal impact on flat and spin shots, increasing the control on the ball also on off center hits.

    27 in
    Cross Section tip
    22-24-22 dtb
    285 g
    69 RA
    100 / 645 cm²
    String Pattern
    325 mm
    Swing weight
    285 kg x cm²

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